Are you a library community member willing to explore, connect and discuss innovative technological approaches with librarian leaders across Canada?

CONNECT will be bringing an even stronger Library Learning Commons representation to this year’s conference.  Leaders from every aspect of the library community, public, K-12, higher education, IT, will enjoy sessions that explore and discuss the innovative technological approaches and partnerships that our libraries provide to our communities.

If this stream sounds interesting to you, consider checking out the following sessions:
School Libraries and eLearning: Answering the call for access and equity (Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 9:00 AM)

School libraries are pivotal to the success of online learning programs. As online students often are transitioning for the first time from face-to-face environments, they realize that they need to develop new strategies for their studies and a new skill set for success. The profile of an online adolescent student in combination with the context surrounding their choice to learn online puts the library at an optimal position to support this learning. As with face-to-face learning, school libraries have the flexibility, security and tools to meet the needs of online learners.


Alanna King

Teacher-Librarian, eLearning teacher- Upper Grand District School Board
Alanna King is an agent of change in the Upper Grand District School Board. She works tirelessly to improve availability and access to resources in all media forms in her secondary school library learning commons. Alanna is proud to volunteer with the Ontario School Library Association and TVO and can best be found on Twitter @banana29.

Michelle Campbell

Supervisor, Library & Media Services- Upper Grand DSB
Michelle Campbell is a Librarian who has been working at the Upper Grand District School Board in the role of Supervisor of Library & Media Services since 2007. She created the Upper Grand Virtual Learning Commons (UG2GO) which provides 24/7 access to quality digital resources to all Upper Grand students and staff. Currently she is leading the transition from Library to Library Learning Commons.

Fighting Falsehoods: Education Libraries and Fake News (Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 1:00 PM)

Fake News is possibly the biggest news-maker since the 2016 U.S. Federal election. Libraries are stepping to the forefront in combating fake news. At the Lakehead University libraries, librarians are providing teacher-candidates with useful tools and classroom activities that will help students navigate the sometimes not so fine line between the “true” and the fabricated. Evaluating information/websites and discerning fake news is an important component of digital and media literacy. Let’s take a look at some Fake News tools, quizzes, activities for the classroom and good-ole critical thinking as ways to fight the fakeness.


Chris Tomasini

Online Learning Librarian- Lakehead University
Chris is the Online Learning Librarian at Lakehead University. Based at Lakehead’s campus in Orillia, Ontario, Chris supports students from a variety of disciplines, including Bachelor of Education students.

Gisella Scalese

Instructional Techology/Education Librarian- Education Library, Lakehead University
Currently responsible for Lakehead University’s Education Library on the Thunder Bay Campus, Gisella works with both teacher-candidates and graduate students. Interests include evaluating information and is currently developing a makerspace area for teacher-candidates.

Media literacy on a budget: Training teachers online (Thursday, April 26, 2018 @ 9:00 AM)


Jennifer Thiessen

Liaison Librarian- Brock University
Jennifer Thiessen Jennifer Thiessen is a Liaison Librarian at the James A. Gibson Library, Brock University. Her interests include accessibility, elearning, and critical librarianship.

Are you a library community member willing to explore, connect and discuss innovative technological approaches with librarian leaders across Canada?

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