Classroom Educator, Administrator and Technician

The innovator awards recognize classroom educators, administrators and technicians who are making an impact in their classroom and/or school.  Individuals are encouraged to nominate someone who’s work provides a model for one of these categories.

Innovative Classroom Educator

This award recognizes one teacher/EA/ECE who has developed innovative teaching and learning programs throughout their classroom/school with a focus on improving student engagement and learning.

Classroom Educator Nomination Form

Innovative Administrator

This award is presented to a school or system level administrator.  This innovative administrator will have significantly improved the learning experience in the classroom,  demonstrated in substantial, quantitative improvements in student achievement.

Administrator Nomination Form

Innovative Technician

This award will demonstrate how a technicians skills, actions and good practice have improved the experience of students and how they have engaged and communicated with staff and students.

Technician Nomination Form

Application timeline

Online application Opens: February 4, 2019
Online application Closes: March 29, 2019

How to nominate:

• The award recipient will be selected by the Innovative Awards evaluation committee.
• Nominations for Classroom Educator must be submitted online via the Classroom Educator nomination form
• Nominations for the Technician must be submitted online via the Technician nomination form
• Nominations for the Administrator must be made online via the Administrator nomination form

All award winners receive:

• Recognition at the CONNECT Conference
• Innovator Award commemorative plaque
• Complimentary registration for the full CONNECT conference
• Other fabulous prizes